Fair Fashion Founder Miryam





We make timeless, comfy chic pieces with simple cuts and neutral colors to make you shine all day n night. Change the shoes, the bag the lipstick and you are ready for brunch with the girls, a date night or party with friends. Miryam pieces tell stories. Every piece is designed with integrity and intention. We design small collections with cool pieces to have fun with fashion and to complete your minimal wardrobe with luxury ethically pieces, you truly adore and cherish. These pieces set a statement for the world to show, who you are and what you believe in.

While designing new collections, we always think about the Miryam woman.


She is strong, self-confident and loved. She has an effortlessly chic and wants to feel good all day long in her clothing. She enjoys the simple things in life. She wants to show the world, who she is and what she adores. She is a mindful thinker and in love with nature, especially the ocean. Her clothing is like a treasure from the sea to her. She connects every piece with a memory and an emotion. She loves to style her clothings up and down and she knows exactly what to combine. She herself is unique like a seashell. 



We wanna tell women, that everything they need to reach their dreams is within them. Young women often define their worth by the brands, they can afford or the guys, who like them. We wanna remember every woman, that she is endlessly enough. Our collections are always limited and therefore only a few women are wearing our pieces. They are like a special gift to oneself, because we all need a little joy and sunshine in our lives. Thats what our pieces are to us.


The Founder



Miryam is a 28 year old, half german/half balinese woman with the ultimate desire for fashion, beauty and jewellry.
She studied economics, founded and lead her label all by her own.
She is the designer, the marketing manager, the accountant, the buyer, the saleswoman, the website designer and much more.

She founded Miryam to create products in a way that does not harm the environment or the people working for them. Also she wanted to create sustainable fashion for the modern – girl, to prove that their is nothing boring on eco fashion, but comfy chic. Clothing made in harmony with nature and all living beings is the real life luxury.

She named the company Miryam, as a clein to her own name.


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