production: This is the average percentage of the sales price we pay the tailors to produce one piece. Many of our garments are handmade in Germany or in smaller studios, which explains higher production costs.

fabrics: We are very picky with the right fabrics. We keep searching until we find the most softest ones and therefore pay higher prices. Also it depends on the fabrics itself. Some fabrics are hard to get and very special and therefore have higher prices than some common fabrics like organic jersey cotton.

material: This costs include sustainable labels, threads, rubber bands or buttons.

packaging: We take care of a sustainable and climate friendly packaging, still we want it to be something very special for you to receive a MIRYAM package with gift cards, tissue paper and eco friendly label stickers.

influencer Marketing: As we are still a small label, we love to reach more awareness in order to inspire many more women to buy sustainable fashion. This includes samples for influencer, instagram stories or posts and influencer collections.

tax: We pay 19% sales tax according to German law. This does not include income tax.

company: The surplus (again: no income tax included) is invested in paying freelance people a fair price, f.e. models, photographers, webdesigner, tax consultant…Also we spend it in further sewing gradations, pattern-makings and sampling for new collections. Also we save some more for reservation of fabrics as we need to go in advance before launching a new collection. And of course some profit left so i can make a living (pay my health insurance and taxes) and hopefully employ a small team in the future (much needed haha)!